Sneak Peek of Lifetime Biopic “Whitney” Shows Yaya DaCosta Channeling the Legend

The Angela Bassett-directed lifetime biopic Whitney, about Whitney Houston’s rise to fame and the pitfall that come with it,  is coming Jan. 17, and I haven’t been writing anything about it. Until now.

The reason I’ve avoided writing anything is because, well, I’ve been burned by Aaliyah and several other biopics before it (namely the Elizabeth Taylor one starring Lindsay Lohan and the one about Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz starring Bassett and Mary J. Blige). In short, I’m just not here for Lifetime’s cash-grabbing ways when it comes to timely biopics.

But, on the other hand, I do trust Bassett a lot and I admire her directorial and acting skill. She also has a leg up on the other biopics since she actually knew Whitney Houston and I don’t think she’d want to sully her friend’s name by making a terrible movie. It seems like that’s mostly true, if this sneak peek is anything to go by.

Yaya DaCosta, the former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and actress, does have all the Whitney mannerisms down pact. There are two things I’m wondering about, though: 1) Who is doing the Whitney Houston singing and 2) Was Bobby Brown always as supportive as he’s being shown in this clip or is it revisionist history? I don’t know anything about their relationship, but the little I’ve heard, including when Houston was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey right after coming back with a new single and declaring herself drug-free, has never put Brown in the best light.

Will you watch Whitney? Give your opinions in the comments section below!


One thought on “Sneak Peek of Lifetime Biopic “Whitney” Shows Yaya DaCosta Channeling the Legend”

  1. After waiting to see the original Lifetime movie ” Whitney Houston” that aired Jan Saturday 17th. I have to say it was what I had expected the movie to be like. I thought the actress and actor who portrayed the major character’s of the movie were very talented. Angela Bassett on the other hand as being a movie director not so good. I would have liked to see more about Whitney’s childhood and how she grow up with her mother and father. I would have love to see more about her relationship with church and her childhood friends. I feel the movie focused to much on the sexually intimacy of Whitney and Bobby. Everyone knows that they had plenty of sex what married couples don’t. I was worth watching, but I wish it had much more substance than what was filmed.


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