ICYMI: The Four Best Moments from Golden Globes (and One that Wasn’t)

It’s Friday, but I’m Just now getting around to The Golden Globes! I can’t say I watched the full program, but I did see what everyone was talking about on Twitter. On the whole, the program boiled down to these five moments, only four of which are without scandal.

The first four all represent Hollywood’s negligence and the actors (and show creator) looking to give more voice to the voiceless. The fifth is one that everyone’s been discussing in terms of “Is it racist or not?” At the very least I’m sure people wondered if they should laugh or not.

Instead of me rambling on, let me just show you the moments.

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodiguez’s “Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical” acceptance speech:

Transparent creator Jill Soloway’s “Best Series” acceptance speech:

Transparent‘s Jeffrey Tambor’s “Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical” acceptance speech:

Common and John Legend’s “Best Original Song” acceptance speech for “Glory” from Selma (with the award presented by PRINCE!)

Margaret Cho as a North Korean military official (with some commentary from Clevver News)

What did you think of these moments? Give your opinions in the comments section below!


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