“Sleepy Hollow” Fans Express Katrina-Fueled Anger with #WitchesBetterThanKatrina

During the East Coast viewing of Sleepy Hollow, fans were getting angrier and angrier when it became apparent that Katrina, not Abbie, was going to be accompanying Ichabod on his case. WHUT? You can read what I thought about it here, but just to sum it up; I wasn’t kind about it. Neither were other fans, who expressed their ire in the hashtag #WitchesBetterThanKatrina. Here are some of the best tweets.

A lot of them are funny, but they all point to a common irritation: Katrina is a terribly developed character and the writers have to constantly figure out ways to make her interesting. But it’s like building a house without a foundation; everything just slides everywhere without grounding.

This is the second time an anti-Katrina hashtag has become a trending topic. It’s also not the only criticisms coming out about Katrina as a character. Prominent bloggers and TV critics alike have complained about her lackluster characterization and her ability to suck the soul out of the episodes she’s in. Fox also heard this outcry and, as Fox exec Dana Walden said at the TCA winter previews, Fox will hold meetings as to how to get Sleepy Hollow back on track so it can be poised for a S3 return (right now, renewal has been put on hold). You can read more about it in my breakdown of the TCA comments here.

What do you think about the hashtag? How much of a Katrina non-fan are you? Write about it below!


One thought on ““Sleepy Hollow” Fans Express Katrina-Fueled Anger with #WitchesBetterThanKatrina”

  1. I don’t understand why she’s necessary to the plot. She brings NOTHING to the table. Even witchcraft, the ONE thing that was supposed to be her wheelhouse she sucks at! And the writers are really trying to sell us on this whole “Katrina is the peacemaker” bit. Did she really stop IN THE MIDDLE OF TRYING TO SAVE A GUY’S LIFE to suggest the the psycho using blood as paint was just misunderstood? BYE, KATRINA!!!


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