“Sleepy Hollow”: More About the Season Finale (and the Ichabbie Hug)

A lot has happened since the first synopsis of the Sleepy Hollow season 2 finale was released. A lot of it consisted of a small uproar among some of the #Sleepyheads. I’ve already given my reasons why I’m not outraged, which you can read here, but if you were outraged, then guess what? You can calm down now. There’s new information from Kurtzman/Orci’s Aaron Baiers, who, as this Twitter user stated:

So what has Baiers tweeted to calm folks down? A heck of a lot, actually. Here are his tweets:

(“Len” meaning Len Wiseman, producer and the director of the pilot.)

First of all, as I wrote on Twitter:

Baiers has gone above and beyond the call of duty to sate angry fans all season, so I think the fandom should send him e-cards or something. He doesn’t have to talk to the fans and be as transparent as he has been, but he does.

Second, we’re getting Ichabbie, which is great for the fandom. Some are saying that The Powers That Be are acting like promoting Ichabbie is making it seem like it’s a bandage on a problem. Well, in my opinion, they’re promoting it like that because that’s what people want to see. In a sense, yes, it’s a bandage, but they’re also promoting it because they want to keep the viewers they have and win back the viewers they lost. So is the big Ichabbie push a bad thing? I don’t think so, which leads me to wonder why some Ichabbie fans who wanted a push towards this pairing are now worried about how it’s being handled. Give the team a chance to do something right.

Third, as I’ve written many times before, everyone’s just going to have to wait until the third season comes back. According to the Cancellation Bear, it’s more than likely to be renewed, so over the summer, the team will doing a mix of hiring, firing, reorganizing, restructuring, etc., along with doing a big think tank as to how to push the story forward in a way that keeps the two main characters at the center of the story.

If I have one pet peeve about how fandom works, it’s that there’s an expectation of immediate gratification once a complaint has been made. These shows take months to write, shoot, produce and edit. The Sleepy Hollow team has already bent over backwards to address the situation at hand the best they can with the remainder of the season left to them. The real change will be made behind closed doors this summer, so you’ll have to be patient.

Fourth, just how much Ichabbie shipperiness are we getting in this hug? I’m genuinely curious about that. This hug sounds like an epic hug. It also sounds like some serious talking is going to be made before, during, and/or after this hug. I’m very interested to see what’s going to happen during the season finale. One thing seems for certain; whether or not Ichabod gets closer to professing his love to Abbie, this hug definitely seems to put the nail in the coffin on Ichatrina. Sorry, Ichatrina fans (and that’s without sarcasm).

What do you think about all of this? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

 Photo credit: Brownie Harris/FOX


3 thoughts on ““Sleepy Hollow”: More About the Season Finale (and the Ichabbie Hug)”

  1. First, thank you for your comment about “expectation of immediate gratification.” I remember seeing a very angry comment after episode 8 aired, wondering why, after all the complaints about Katrina, there she was in the beginning of episode 8 on a bed with her husband. Since filming started in early May, it was clear that episode 8 had been filmed some time before it aired.

    While I’m sad the final episode is fast approaching , I’m very interested in seeing what will happen. There were some photos on the SH Facebook page, that included one of Timothy Busfield, so it appears Dr. Franklin will be seen in the finale. We know from Tom Mison’s interview that there won’t be a cliffhanger.What I saw on that synopsis was very intriguing (even if it wasn’t -possibly – completely accurate. I just hope that the renewal announcement comes sooner than May!


  2. Yes yes yes. We are many out there who will be back for sure for season 3 because the characters are great. Abb and Ich are just amazing in their parts and because Ich is so noble, being married to Katrina who is a true witch is not where he comes from inside. Thus, a woman like Abbey and what they are meant to do is in his soul. I can see Season Three going in that direction where if just one of them gets hurt the other will too. Keep them as One. Good job in turning the tide in the end of Two.


  3. I found Season 2 a disappointment: it was as if the writers thought the chemistry between the leads would negate any plot holes and character inconsistencies. Strong leads, strong secondary characters, and a strong story: we only got one out of three. The secondary characters were all sidelined or eliminated: e.g. if Katrina is the definition of a powerful witch, witches are in serious difficulties. And the plot wandered all over. I found the La Llorena rip-off — sorry, but no other word fits — particularly irritating: if you’re going to ‘borrow’ legends, stories, or myths from other cultures, at least pay them the respect of keeping them intact.

    I like my characters human, so the more perfect the writers made Ichabod and Abbie, the less interested in them I became, and the thought of one day getting to watch them ‘hook up’ wasn’t enough to balance out the minuses. E.g. Jenny all but disappeared; Katrina was powerful only in the finale. (Where was that decisiveness all season when it could have kept me interested?) I like strong female characters, so sidelining Jenny and Katrina made the show less interesting, not Abbie more interesting. I also like my villains unapologetically villainous, so reducing Henry to a poor abandoned morsel simply made him boring. (Forgive me, John Noble.)

    And (here I mean no offence to the Ichabbie shippers), imo a hatchet job on secondary characters and rewriting the storyline to facilitate a romance is fine for fan fiction, but I see it as a very weak choice for a show’s writers, and a short-sighted one as well. Once you’ve eliminated the secondary characters and rewritten the plot so the two can be together and they’ve had their fling, what’s left? Nothing.


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