MOC Monday: Michael Ealy

I haven’t featured Michael Ealy yet on my site, and it’s only out of restraint, because at the time (many months ago), the whole post would consist of “I’VE TALKED TO MICHAEL EALY! *FLAIL* *FLAIL*”

Now though, I can say calmly that I have spoken to Michael Ealy, and it was great. But I’ve also got more to say than just repeating the fact that I’ve interviewed him.

Ealy’s been making some moves recently; at the time I spoke to him for Entertainment Weekly’s Community blog about Almost Human, he was coming from the set of his new movie, The Perfect Guy, which he played the perfect guy…on the surface. Apparently, his character is also an scary stalker. He’s also going to play the next serial killer, Theo, in Fox’s The Following. I’ve been hoping he’d play more evil characters, and it seems he’s doing just that.

Congrats, Michael, on all the evil characters you’re playing!

What do you folks out there love about Michael Ealy and his characters? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Kharen Hill/FOX


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