#BlackOutDay Takes Over Twitter

#BlackOutDay has become one of the biggest hashtags Twitter has ever seen, and I’m sure a lot of you out there are wondering where it came from.

Tumblr user Y.R.N. created the hashtag in the hopes of creating a way for black people to express themselves and their creativity without judgement or fear of stereotypes. The basis of the day seems to be that black people are ridiculed and bullied every day while the white beauty, creativity, and achievements are lauded at non-white people’s expense. The hashtag is meant to be a way to uplift black creativity and blackness in general to show black people and the rest of America (and the world) that black people are varied in their looks, ways of life, ideas, and creative outlets, and that black people should be respected as individuals with purpose.

Now, #BlackOut will be a hashtag that occurs every first Friday of the month, so if you didn’t participate this time, you’ll have plenty of chances.

Check out some of the tweets that helped create a movement out of this hashtag.


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