Monique Celebrates Zutara, Sparrowbeth, Mr. & Ms. Bamf and More Unofficial Couples on Entertainment Weekly!

If you’ve followed my site long enough (and if you look in the left sidebar), you’ll have noticed that I write for Entertainment Weekly as a part of the Community blog. I’ve recapped TyrantAlmost Human, black-ish, and I’ve interviewed some stars, like Michael Ealy, Yara Shahidi and Marcus Scribner. But apart from all that stuff, I also introduce EW readers to the world of niche fandom topics like shipping. 

Shipping is more than a passing fancy; it’s a way of life for many fans of TV and film. Even though there are several canonical pairings that are awesome, there are tons more that are unofficial, despite fierce followings and a surprisingly tall amount of evidence leaning in their favor.

In my post “Five Fandom Pairings Who Should Be Together, But Aren’t,” I highlight five of my favorite fandom pairings and I give my reasons as to why they might not ever get together. Included in my post are Captain America and the Falcon, the subjects of my latest Queer Coded post. You can read about that here. But, if you want to read what I wrote about Sleepy Hollow‘s Jenny and Irving, here’s a snippet:

This, apart from Ichabbie, was the ship to beat on Sleepy Hollow. The first season seemed to vehemently support it, since there were breadcrumbs along the way. Jenny and Irving were the second wave of force for Team Witness, both knowing their way around arsenals, hand-to-hand combat, and witty repartee. Both also got along well together—so well that Irving’s then-ex-wife, Cynthia, wasn’t sure if they were already an item. Even Orlando Jones, who played Irving, was all about Irving and Jenny, coining the couple name “Mr. and Mrs. Bamf.” The fandom eagerly followed suit, creating fan works of Jenny and Irving as the power couple du jour.

But then season two happened, and we all know what occured there: Not only did the show go downhill, but every crumb of storyline left from the first season went by the wayside. Season three promises the return of the Sleepy Hollow we know and love, but sadly, Irving (who was saved at the end of the second season) won’t be around to reap the benefits of Len Wiseman, Alex Kurtzman, and Heather Kadin coming back to the writers’ room.

Read the rest at Entertainment Weekly! Also, if you’ve got more to say about your favorite unofficial couples, keep the conversation going on Facebook andTwitter.


One thought on “Monique Celebrates Zutara, Sparrowbeth, Mr. & Ms. Bamf and More Unofficial Couples on Entertainment Weekly!”

  1. Regarding your couples who should be together article: Zutara? Really? None of your reasoning supported Zutara as being something ingrained in the story . The whole point of the cave of two lovers is that they were the FIRST EARTHBENDERS, it in NO way referenced zutara. Pretty sure just wearing blue and red in an era before people even knew about earthbending didn’t mean they were water and fire tribe, more likely it was used as a visual clue for viewers that they came from different places. And honestly, the lovers from the story being from warring villages is as far as the romeo and juliet analogy can go. Plus do you really want to compare zutara with R&J? They were teenagers who met, fell in lust and ended up committing suicide during the span of a few days.

    And by your logic the whole story of avatar could have been leading up to sokka and zuko coming to a truce since they also started as enemies and both lost their moms. They even went on a special adventure where zuko helped him resolve a family related issue. Sound familiar?

    Of course zutara didn’t pan out, it would have made no sense in the narrative. I don’t mind if people ship zutara but to say that the whole story was somehow leading up to them getting together is ridiculous. Sure you could say they looked pretty together and the very few episodes they genuinely interacted as friends were nice, but not ‘lets ignore all the build up and characterization from three seasons to randomly slap these two together at the very end’ nice.


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