MOC Monday: Lance Gross

I wrote on Twitter that I wouldn’t write anymore about Sleepy Hollow until the premiere of the third season, since I kinda lost my “journalist” stance on Sleepy Hollow reporting and got way too into the fandom than I would have liked, but I do want to touch on the fact that Lance Gross has joined the cast! I’m excited to see him as Abbie’s boss (I’m assuming at the FBI).

What hopes do I have for Gross’ character? Well, him not sleeping with Abbie would be good. (Although if they show went that route, I wouldn’t be especially irritated…I don’t know…perhaps I don’t really care after all.) Of course, Gross’ character would be no replacement for Orlando Jones’ Irving, but I hope that Gross’ character would eventually be on the inside of Team Witness. Or, could he be one of the people Team Witness has to take out? Him being a villain could be really interesting to see.

Well, enough with my supposing! What do you hope for with the character, and what do you love about Lance Gross? Leave your comments below, and remember to follow COLOR on Facebook and Twitter!

Lance Gross in Crisis. Credit: NBC


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