“Stonewall” Whitewashing Revealed in New Trailer

Whitewashing takes its toll again in the new trailer for Stonewall. Hollywood knows it can make people happy and angry at the same time; it’s a coup for the LGBT community and the public at large that a movie about Stonewall is even getting made. But the big aggravation is that the trailers has a white dude throwing the brick that started the movement.

For some quick history, the Stonewall riots started in New York City’s Stonewall Inn, and like many gay bars, was subjected to police raids. However, a raid in 1969 led to a riot. The leaders of the movement were people of color, such as Sylvia RiveraMiss Major Griffin-Gracey and Marsha P. Johnson, who has been labeled the first person to fight back against the police in the riots.

Instead, this is what the trailer shows:

The guy throwing the brick should have been Marsha P. Johnson.

You can read what folks involved with the film has said at the link directly above, but no matter what they say, the film, or at least, its trailer, just further shows how Hollywood, and society to a certain extent, only views “gay” as “white slender man.” Once again, Hollywood thinks that the only way a diverse audience can identify with a movement or a different point of view is through the eyes of a white man.

There’s more to the LGBT community than the “marketable” stereotype of a white man being oppressed. And, to be honest, not only does the film do a disservice to the community it’s supposed to be about, but it does a disservice to those us who aren’t gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, etc., but want to learn more about the history. If those of us who identify as “straight” want to really learn about LGBT history, we’d be best to do it through our own discovery from literature and oral histories, not through films like Stonewall and other projects that only show a biased lie.

There is a movement to boycott the film once it’s released, so it’ll be interesting to see how this will affect the film and Hollywood’s mode of storytelling going forward.

What do you think about Stonewall? Give your opinions in the comments section below!


4 thoughts on ““Stonewall” Whitewashing Revealed in New Trailer”

  1. I am of the opinion that it should be boycotted. The makers of this movie should be punished by having no one see a film in which people of color have been erased from their own story. This is ridiculous, and tired.. The movie deserves to bomb ,but only for that reason.

    Asians get removed from their own stories in favor of some big name actor, Black people are background scenery in Africa, and we just had a huge brouhaha over that whitewashed Hawaiian movie.

    Okay, sometimes Hollywood is just lazy and stupid. Theyve been doing the same tired s*** for decades and will go on doing the same tired s*** for the next five..

    In every story that’s about people other than White, they replace it with a White man or woman.As if the entire story of the world can only be told understood through the eyes of White men.

    Some days I dont watch anything but Kung Fu ,or Blaxploitation movies because you just want to see someone other than a White man being heroic.


    1. One good thing is that Hollywood is being forced to change, even though change is happening slowly. The demographics of American society are making Hollywood look at itself. It takes a while for bad habits to end, so I’m thinking that’s why Hollywood is being maddening slow about things.


  2. I understand that following the release of our trailer there have been initial concerns about how this character’s involvement is portrayed, but when this film — which is truly a labor of love for me — finally comes to theaters, audiences will see that it deeply honors the real-life activists who were there — including Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and Ray Castro — and all the brave people who sparked the civil rights movement which continues to this day.


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