COLOR small logoEveryone wants to be recognized. Everyone wants to see themselves in popular imagery. White characters are the norm, but where are the rest? What about the non-white characters? That’s where COLOR comes in.

COLOR and its owner Monique Jones are offering something you need in order to get through your television and film viewing; a guide to where the rest of the rainbow is. A singular place where you can find out more characters who look like you.

Need more than just opinion and info on popular TV and movies? COLOR also has tons of exclusive interviews with many of the people in Hollywood that make the content you want to see. From musicians to actors to screenwriters, COLOR gives you inside access to the world of entertainment.

Join Monique and get some COLOR!

Monique 2014 2

Monique Jones is an entertainment blogger/journalist. She’s written for Entertainment Weekly, Antenna Free TV, Black Girl Nerds, Racialicious, and many others.

Contact: TwitterFacebook, Email (monique@moniqueblog.net)


2 thoughts on “About/Contact”

  1. Hi Monique,
    Just read your post at Mary Sue about No Escape and Erasure. I know you’re probably going to get some flack for it but wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it.

    And yeah, that Woody Allen thing. I knew there was a reason I hated that man and his pretentious output.


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