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Exclusive Interview: Dr. Isaiah Pickens

After Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and John Crawford III, Eric Garner, the Charleston massacre and now suspicious church burnings that are somehow “weather-related,” yet happening within miles of each other, America is tired. Black America specifically. But with so many problems with policing, gun violence, and the root cause of all of these—racism—to take care of, you might be wondering where to begin, much less how to take care of yourself in the midst of this ongoing trauma.

I’m happy to have spoken with Dr. Isaiah Pickens, an NYC psychologist and founder of iOpening Enterprises. I spoke with him about how implicit and explicit biases come into play when discussing racism, how some people manage to break out of racist ideology, and how we should engage in tough conversations about race, and where he hopes America is headed.  Continue reading Exclusive Interview: Dr. Isaiah Pickens


What’s Happening: Charleston Edition

I labored over this particular Charleston post a lot. Combined with getting my mind back together after the tragedy, watching the news, and discussing the Confederate flag, I’ve been feeling pretty low and, honestly, didn’t feel like discussing it anymore. But that would be shirking my duty as a chronicler of history (in my modest station), so I wanted to say something. How I wanted to tackle it was difficult.

But thankfully, I’ve had people who have done it for me, probably with a lot more clarity than I could have at the time. Continue reading What’s Happening: Charleston Edition

#CharlestonShooting: Immediate Reactions and How to Help

Hi, everyone. Look, today is obviously a sad day; Dylann Storm Roof, a 21-year-old man, shot and killed nine churchgoers in Charelston, South Carolina’s historic Emanuel A.M.E. Church, including several reverends and pastor and S.C. congressman Clementa Pinckney. You can learn more about the victims here. Continue reading #CharlestonShooting: Immediate Reactions and How to Help