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The COLOR Fall TV Schedule!

It’s getting close to the fall TV season, so I spent part of the weekend actually developing my fall TV viewing/reviewing/recapping schedule (instead of what I usually do, which is wing everything the weekend before fall TV starts).

So, for everyone who loves reading my recaps and viewpoints on TV (and like interacting with me with my live-tweeting), there’s THE OFFICIAL COLOR SCHEDULE!

(All times listed are CT since I’m in the central time zone) Continue reading The COLOR Fall TV Schedule!


Battle of Diverse Pilots: How Diverse are Fox’s Pilots?

Before I get into the grading process for Fox, let me make a quick addendum to this series. I realize after the fact that several of these pilots I’ve included in my grading have now been passed over. So I’ll need to go back and revise my grades to see how the changes affect things. Also, since the first batch of series trailers have come out, I’ll be watching all of them and analyzing which ones I think will succeed and which ones just might fail. Okay; onward to the grading.  Continue reading Battle of Diverse Pilots: How Diverse are Fox’s Pilots?