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WOC Wednesday: Melia Kreiling

The Tyrant Season 2 finale has come and gone, and through the season, we were introduced to several new characters, including to the resourceful and smart Daliyah, played by Melia Kreiling.  Continue reading WOC Wednesday: Melia Kreiling


WOC Wednesday: Amelia Boynton Richardson

Civil rights pioneer Amelia Boynton Richardson has died at the age of 104. While her passing is very sad, it’s worth it to us to acknowledge her long life and the change she was able to bring to the country by inviting Martin Luther King Jr. to Selma, AL.  Continue reading WOC Wednesday: Amelia Boynton Richardson

WOC Wednesday: Shannyn Sossamon

Shannyn Sossamon has become a part of the Sleepy Hollow cast of characters! She’s playing Pandora, and although there wasn’t a lot of info given on her when I spoke to writer/producer Leigh Dana Jackson, I’m sure we can expect Pandora to provide Team Witness with some answers, but possibly just tons more questions. Pandora is known for her box of infinite possibilities, right? Continue reading WOC Wednesday: Shannyn Sossamon